I Need to Think Happy Thoughts

Or i’m not going to make it through the day. Here’s a happy thought: my daughter just had her first taste of chocolate! And what did she do? she immediately began to demand more. Smart kid. It has been brought to my attention that she was not given the chocolate, she stole it. It’s probably evidence that i’m a terrible parent that this fact fills me with a certain frisson of pride. You should see her though. Most of the time, when she finds things, her first impulse is to give it to whomever is standing nearby. It’s the cutest thing in the world. The fact that she kept the chocolate for herself is merely evidence that she’s a normal human being. Could have fooled me, I see daily signs that she’s an angel. This is a child who is loved. I want so much to give her everything that will make her strong, confident and secure. At the very least, I don’t want her to ever, for one second, have to doubt or question that she is loved, absolutely unconditionally. God willing she’s escaped her father’s brain chemistry. That being the case, I’ll do what I can.