Wood Paneling

Wood paneling has returned on pattern with a blast, and this sample of how to keep up a contemporary look against a board background is both smooth and fun, with sudden sprinkles of splendid conflicting shade, and modern intelligent furniture at fascinating points to the room.

Classy modular Living room

How about this simple light for this part of the living room! I think this is enough, do you?

Classy modular living room

Geheimnisvolle Lichter

Es leuchtet und lockt in Hildesheim? Das machte mich neugierig... Laut Zeitungsbericht wurden geheimnisvolle Lichter am Nachthimmel beobachtet und das wollte ich mir auch ansehen. Da es in den letzten Tagen sehr nebelig war, verschob ich meine Entdeckungstour immer wieder. Aber heute abend war freie Sicht! Auf dem Weg durch die dunklen Gassen der Altstadt suchte ich nach Lichtern am Himmel, doch sah ich nichts. Unterwegs traf ich Menschen und fragte, ob sie etwas beobachtet hatten. Tatsächlich, einer berichtete von einer Licht-Erscheinung am Museum. Also nichts wie hin, an den geheimnisvollen Ort. Dort angekommen, sah ich wieder nichts! Oder doch? Da, da war doch was? Nur einen ganz kurzen Augenblich leuchtete es auf. Ich hatte keine Erklärung für die Erscheinung. Und als ich schon dachte, ich hätte mir das vielleicht doch nur alles eingebildet, hörte ich ein Summen und Brummen... 

Das immer näher kam und es landeten zwei Flugobjekte mit seltsamen Passagieren. Eine ganze Weile konnte ich sie unbemerkt beobachten. Das war ein Geplapper und Gewusel. Doch dann hatten sie mich bemerkt, sie wurden ganz ganz still. Einer von ihnen trat hervor und erklärte mit traurigem Blick, dass sie sich auf dem Weg zur galaktischen Vollversammlung durch den dichten Nebel verflogen hätten. Schon seit Tagen würden sie im Kreis fliegen, ob ich ihnen wohl den Weg zum Sirius erklären könnte. Oh ja, das konnte ich, einfach immer Richtung Süden, genau auf den hellen Stern im Orion zu, da ist der Sirius! So nahm die Geschichte hoffentlich ein glückliches Ende für die Außerirdischen und ich habe ein unvergessliches Abenteuer erlebt. Gern hätte ich sie zu mir nach Hause eingeladen und mehr über ihr Leben auf ihrem Planeten erfahren.

Shower Enclosures

Everyone has their own ideas about the perfect bathroom, but how about this steam shower enclosure!? Wat do you think...

Shower enclosures

How to Blast off a Health and Wellness home Business

Trivita is the closest thing in a home business you will find to having a real brick and mortar business. Is currently operating in the USA and Canada. The study of otherwise healthy older people found that those who woke frequently during the night were twice as likely to die during follow-up as those without sleep problems. Some people take up to 800 mgs of Ibuprofen under the care of a health care provider to reduce joint inflammation. What most people found not realize is the side effects from prolonged use of such high dose can cause even additional serious health problems. The potential of betalains Harnessing the effectiveness of betalains, a rare class of antioxidants found in the Nopal cactus, Nopalea delivers trusted health benefits. No matter what you work at in life, there is no amount of wealth that will ever buy back your health and a healthy person is a ever more successful person in any internet business opportunity. 

Weightshapes.com health experience: Artificial sweeteners are not a healthy substitute for sugar and often cause people to eathextra food and gain weight. Fact: The long-term health effects of a high-protein / low-carbohydrate diet are unknown. The company provides wellness consultants for you to achieve and live a healthier lifestyle and encourages you to focus on your wellness and your life purpose. The health industry is one of the growth industries. Being paid for work with Trivita is good, but for business owners it’s just as important that the source of the money is ethical and legitimate. Being a wellness affiliate marketing business owanner is unlike any other internet business opportunity you have ever seen. This is doing something right, as they have sold millions of B-12 and they work at get alot of re-orders, via a vision to increase the lives of people by helping them reach their full potential through a wellness home business.

Vintage Bedroom

How about this vintage bedroom!? What more can I say... I simply adore it!

Book Review: Black is for Beginnings

Blue Is For Nightmares, Book 5 - by Laurie Faria Stolarz. Title: Black is for Beginnings. Author: Laurie Faria Stolarz. Genre: Young Adult Graphic Novel. Paperback: 168 pages. Publisher: Flux (September 1, 2009). Description: Prophetic nightmares. Near-brushes with death. Killers pursuing her and her friends. Stacey Brown knows that being a hereditary witch isn't all it's cracked up to be. All she really wants to do is work things out with Jacob and figure out what to do with the rest of her life. But before Stacey and Jacob can have a future, they must face their pasts. Black is for Beginnings reveals the never-before-seen backstory, and what lies ahead for the young, spellcasting lovers. It's happening again... My Review: I read Blue is for Nightmares back when I was, um, younger. Wasn't a huge fan. At all. I just didn't enjoy the vibes coming off the book. I wasn't interested in reading more. So why did I read this? I don't know. After I left the library with it I was questioning my sanity. The majority... okay, okay, all of the book was annoying. Trying to be hip. And down with the kids. The romance and angst were irritating. The big annoyance was the main character: Stacey. She was extremely insecure. 

Insecurity, like feistiness, if done wrong, can make you hate a character. From my experience. Insecurity can become a chronic whining and moaning. Feistiness is often another, nicer, word for extreme bitchiness. Of course, this insecurity was enhanced by the fact that this is a graphic novel. Every unsure glance. Every drawn brow. Every constipated expression. For heaven's sake her face on the cover is exactly what I am talking about. Anyway, the book is all about Stacey's insecurity, her regret and her self-absorption. Nothing much besides that, of interest (key phrase here), was really happening. The ending was a killer for me. Stacey, obviously gets the dude, but she has to ask if her likes her. "Do you hate me? You do right? I bet you think I am dumb and ugly!" Omg! I was about to die. She never gains any confidence. Would have enjoyed some character growth here! Well, they're teens, one can only hope that relationship crashes and burns. Sorry I always get like this, acting like it's all real, when characters or a plot/story annoys me greatly. My rating is 1/5. Would not recommend this book. Unless you love the author and her Blue series. Or if you are an immense junkie of GNs.